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Calculating elevation map failed


yesterday I created my first map. The orthophoto map looks very nice, but obviously a correct elevation map could not be created:

There is that strange circular color gradient, representing elevations which simply cannot be present in the actual landscape, and on the other hand the height of the trees was not recognized...

Has somebody got an idea what went wrong here?

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany,


Sören Köhlmoos

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The lighting for most of this area was very dynamic during the time of your collection. This caused your camera's white balance and exposure to vary a lot which made matching features much harder than it usually is.

Also... The Mavic Air works but really isn't a quality camera for mapping purposes. You can use it but you need to use more overlap than you would with most other cameras to make up for the lack of image quality. 

If you are going to be mapping anything professionally I would recommend getting something more appropriate for the task. 

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