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Why does this map look like this?

What happened to this map? Why is it all distorted? 



Julian Laffin

Official comment


You have a couple of things going on here. 

First, you are collecting data while travelling forward on one pass and backwards on the next pass. This is warned against in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload. 

"Never Fly Backwards or Sideways - Collect all of your data while traveling forward. Most aerial cameras have rolling shutters and mixing forward and backward flight ruins the chances of the job turning out well."

Using our Map Pilot application (and most other quality apps) would address this issue. 

Second, you are flying at 10 meters and looking at objects that are almost that tall. This, too, is covered in the Data Collection guidelines.

"Don't Fly Lower than 4-5 Times the Height of the Tallest Object in the Survey Area

The taller the object, the less overlap it will get.

Our processing is based on getting multiple looks at things. Multiple looks at things are attained through overlap. A tall object will be viewed less often than an object on the ground and will likely have problems rendering. If the tallest object in your survey area is 10 meters, fly at least 40 meters above ground. Flying with minimal clearances is not only dangerous, it will produce imagery with blocked areas and generate poor results."


The good news is this was processed for free and was a good learning experience. 

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