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Map Pilot for DJI-Business compatible with my Drone?


i have a DJI M600 with

Ronin MX Gimbal

Sony A7 III Camera with 24MP (not the R version!)

DJI Start/Stop infrared Trigger for the camera

and i am currently using DJI GS Pro for mapping.

i would like to use the Map Pilot for DJI-Business App but i have read:

with Sony a7R and other custom camera sensors will require a Drones Made Easy custom trigger board that will only be sold as fully integrated kits built by Drones Made Easy


what is this board?

where can i buy it? how much does it cost?

is it compatible with my drone setup?

how is this board integrated in the system?

regards Patrick

Patrick Placht

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Here is our supported hardware list:

No Ronin hardware is listed.

Information about the Ninja OBC trigger board can be here:

The Ninja OBC does not use the remote start stop which is way to slow to use for mapping. 

The Ninja OBC is only available as part of a built up kit. If you bring your aircraft to our shop we can install it for you for a fee but we only do that for local customers. 

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