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I just purchased Map Pilot BUSINESS?

I just purchased Map Pilot for business because I see in the change log that it now supports my X7 camera.


In version 4.0.3


However, the app store only has 3.1.5 and it's not working for me.  How do I get the current version?  

I'm on an ipad pro. 

3ric Johanson

Official comment


As noted in the description for Map Pilot Business in the App Store and the following article, Map Pilot Business is on a delayed release schedule to ensure stability for professional users. The tradeoff is new feature availability vs stability. It will still likely be a few weeks until Map Pilot Business is updated to 4.0.x. If you absolutely must have it now you can upgrade the LITE version to the Map Pilot Business level.


Version Comparison Chart:


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So I have to purchase more stuff in order to make my drone operate?  Can I get a refund on what I purchased?

3ric Johanson 0 votes

You can can wait for 4.0.x to be released for Map Pilot Business or you can get a refund from Apple for the app and upgrade the LITE version to get X7 support. 

Zane 0 votes