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Drone cannot fly slow enough

I recently flew a mission where I wanted to fly at an altitude of 30 meters with an overlap of 90% since the area was half covered with trees 8-12m tall. Map Pilot told me the aircraft couldn't fly slow enough for that setting, so I adjusted and was able to reach a combination that worked of 44 meters altitude and 88% front overlap. I understand DJI limits flight to no slower than 2 m/sec (though I can't fathom why) and that was keeping me from using the lower altitude that I wanted.

If Map Pilot can execute flights at an altitude as low as 10 meters and one wanted to use that setting, you would end up with less than 50% front overlap, which I assume would give less than desirable results when processing the images. My questions are:

1) In order to a use a low flight altitude by sacrificing along track overlap and still get good results, is it possible to compensate by increasing the across track overlap?

2) I know it depends on what's being mapped, but in a typical scenario what is the lowest along track overlap that will still yield good results?

Bruce Young

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DJI aircraft can only fly down to 2 m/s during waypoint flight. If you are flying low and have a lot of overlap it will be limited by the framing speed of your camera. You can use a lower along track value if you really pump up the across track overlap value. I would not go below 60% or so. 50% is the dead minimum. 

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