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Phantom 3 & 4 Pro Exitting Programmed Flight Mode During Mission

HI Folks!

To start, I just wanted to say that our group has been very impressed with the features in the app and the detailed base map available for our area!

Our work uses drones in remote locations with no cell coverage, etc at a scale where 'multi-battery' missions are extremely useful...

Over the last 2-3 years, we have encountered significant issues with our DJI Phantom 3 and 4 Pros exiting programed flights (either hovering at one point and not continuing or stalling and drifting away from the mapping area).  This issue have been present during flights using PIX4D Capture, DroneDeploy, MapPilot, etc.  We ensure that the most recent 'update' for our platforms (tablet, iphone (iPhone xR - version 12.3) and the Phantoms) is loaded on the equipment.

For both PIX4D and MapPilot (3.1.5 build 041820191), we can generally return the Phantom back to the 'Home' point, land it, and then re-task it back to the mission.  There doesn't appear to be any consistent 'trigger' for the failure to stay on the programmed mission...  Any assistance or advise you can provide, would be greatly appreciated as the halts, additional travel, take-off, etc is really hitting home on battery life and mapping area!

This issue seems to have been discussed in the earlier discussion threads but nothing too recent...  Any help would be appreciated!!! 



Joel Gowman

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