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Token? Token not valid?

Hello. I have been using MapPilot for months and then have easily emailed the csv and kml files for each flight.  All of the sudden I am now getting "AirData Upload Error. Token is not valid.  Please check token and that an internet connection is available.

An internet connection is available and working.  Since I started using MapPilot, I  have never had to enter any token and had no difficulty simply attaching the csv and kml metadata to my email to get it from the tablet to my computer.

Why has this now changed? That is, why is it saying token not valid?  And how am I supposed to find out or get a "correct" token.  It currently reads, "HD12345678" as the token.

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At the bottom of the File Manager screen it says "Tap to Open (KML) or Upload to AD (CSV). Hold to share. Swipe left to delete."

Are you tapping on the CSV file? This is attempting to upload it to AirData which requires a valid AirData token in the Map Pilot settings.

If you wish the email the files (share) you need to tap and hold.  

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