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Mavic 2 Pro Flight times


I have mapped a 120 acre golf course and also a seperate mapping just of 1 hole (8.4 acres)


I am using a Mavic Pro 2 which has a flight time for 25+mins, why when I have my missions mapped does it want to change the battery after 13 or so minutes?

The whole course mapping is saying 7 batteries, if it used the 25 min battery it might only need 3 or 4




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You likely need to do a deep discharge battery calibration. We recommend that that gets done after every 20 flights or so to keep the battery power readout accurate. 

Turn on the aircraft and turn on the motors but don't take off. Keep it on the ground until the battery readout shows the battery is at less than 5% and then do a full charge on a single charger. This makes sure the batteries current totalizing circuit is calibrated. 

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