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Waypoint frequency


I'm curious about how the frequency of waypoints is determined. Are there certain thresholds in "ground model height-changes"? To be more precise, what circumstances or settings will result in a waypoint when using terrain awareness?


Victor Kingstad

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The maximum number of waypoints that are allowed to be uploaded to the aircraft is 99. To follow the terrain we optimize the flight path to allow for +-5% of the flight altitude. This allows us to use less waypoints to cover further distances without always having to come back to load more waypoints. It is certainly possible to chew through waypoints quickly on really rugged terrain. 

Aligning your passes so they go across a hillside is going to take a lot less waypoints than going up and down the hillside is. 

You can see where the waypoints are placed in the plot.

The higher you fly the more that +-5% is going to get you in terms of tolerance. 


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I was also wondering the same thing.

Using terrain awareness creates much more waypoints and in some situations creates more than 200.

Is it possible to reduce the number of waypoints in order to save some battery life due to landing every 100 waypoints?

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