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ADS-B Transceiver Integration for Map Pilot?

Are you exploring the integration of an ADS-B Transceiver into the

the Map Pilot DJI iOS Application for your Commercial Users?

January, 2020 is not so far away and I would like my SUAS to

be compliant.

I recently read where the Uavionix Ping 2020i already supports

the DJI SDK interface. I believe this option would offer all

Commercial Remote Pilots significant situational awareness and

safer use of the national airspace if you could expand the live map view to

include any localized air traffic approaching the planned mapping mission



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We would love to but only the Matrice aircraft have the capability to integrate external devices so it would be super limited support. The Mobile SDK, which is what Map Pilot uses does not support any external devices. The Onboard SDK which is what our Ninja OBC uses allows for the support of external devices. We may offer support for our Ninja OBC users in the future. 

Zane 0 votes
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Hello Zane,

Have you considered developing a Stand-alone ADS-B Transceiver Unit

that would simply snap and tie-wrap on the DJI Drone Platform of choice?

Maybe the drone mounted device could have it's own mini battery power

source and be linked via a separate telemetry radio link to a dedicated

ADS-B Ground Station iPad running your custom ADS-B iOS App.

This drone mounted device and ground based system might provide a

practical alternative way to equip a legacy fleet of drones with what

will surly become a FAA mandated system.

The Remote Pilot would be able to monitor the live local air traffic and

be broadcasting his or her own drone's current 3D position live to any

approaching aircraft.

Meltonram 0 votes
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That isn't a very integrated approach. We try to stay away from strap this here, independent radio link (that would likely crash the aircraft) there, and a whole new app with external interfaces. 

Someone will probably make it but it won't likely be us. 

Zane 0 votes
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