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Maps Made Easy ?

I have flown a property and at first asked for a 3-d map. Got the map and can't see how to use the 3d but I noticed that the tallest part of the structure, prolly 3 stories was blurred. I went back to the images and they are great. So I ordered another map, this time marking just 2d thinking that was what was wrong. Exact same results, the rest of the map is great but that one main structure is blurry and odd looking. So, learn me what I need to ask for or what settings I am missing before I spend more points.



David Deaton

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Here is an article about the roof top not turning out well:

The higher something is the less overlap it is going to get. If you say to take 75% overlap at ground level it might only get 50% overlap up on the roof since it is closer to the position of the aircraft. 

We recommend using our Ground Offset feature to raise the plane for which the overlap is calculated up to roof level:

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