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IOS 12.1.4 update safe?

Working on the continuous unsolved mystery of why my flight didn't work out and noticed there is an IOS update in the queue for tonight. Not thinking this may have played some part for me today but curious otherwise.

So, is the IOS 12.1.4 update safe?


Justin Dankel

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All 12.1 releases have been fine and there are no changes that should affect Map Pilot's operation. 

What kind of operational issue did you have? What kind of iOS device are you using? We recommend using at least an A10 processor at this point. iOS and the DJI SDK require quite a bit of horsepower these days.


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Two flights today separated by a couple hours. The first took photos as is should then failed by my mistake (batteries). The second flight appeared to be fine but took a fraction of the photos it should have. I had no communication warning tones (as has happened in the past) and didn't see the little photo "spots" during flight. Then the camera fired off 4 consecutive photos after landing too...a new thing.

Just super frustrated man, always something.

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