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Latest version crashes on iPhone 8 and iPad mini 4

Hello Zane;

I ve recently updated both of my iphone and ipad (FW 11.3.1) to the latest Map Pilot App version on itune but unfortunately since yesterday I cannot make any flight neither on iphone nor on ipad as the App crash immediately after pressing on UPLOAD or PRESSING On YES for Terrain awerness for three different locations .
What can I do ?

Zahi Khawand

Official comment


We are recommending that everyone update to iOS 12 at this point. iOS 10 had the battery slowdown stuff in it to keep the CPU from crashing because of old batteries and iOS 11 took it out because everyone got made their devices were being slowed down. It appears iOS 12 handles all that better and keeps CPU related crashes from happening. It is device related and is not a software bug. This has been verified by multiple users.

If you don't want to update to iOS 12 you will need to get a new battery installed in the device so it can handle the CPU load of the DJI SDK.


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