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MP 3.1 feedback

Hi Zane, 

I updated to 3.1 and tested a little this weekend.


My iPad Air 2 was previously on v.10.3 and I didn't have any issues. I stayed with that version because of all the problems with 11.  But looking around, it seems that 12 was okay so I updated the OS.


1. In ios 12, they moved the notifications to the top.  Now when trying to slide open the MP controls at the top, half the time I get the notification pane instead.  Is there the possibility that you can add a hanging tab for the controls in order to pull them instead of the notification pane.  Like with the camera at the bottom?

2. In a test mission, I simulated a multi-battery mission by bringing the craft home and then resuming.  Everything seemed fine.  However, if I abandon the mission and want to start the mission over instead of the abandonment point, MP was not willing.  I tapped the trashcan to remove the partial plan and it then shows as removed. But if I then load same plan, it comes up as the partial again.  Reloading MP, and rebooting the tablet made no difference.  I found that if I first open a different plan and then go back and open the original, then the partial is gone and I could start over.  Shouldn't the partial be cleared by tapping and confirming the trashcan icon?


1. When you tap the focus icon, is it taking a center-weighted focus reading or simply setting it to infinity?

2. Is it better, or does it even make a difference if prior to opening MP, in GO 4 setting the focus to Continuous Auto instead of Auto?

Thank you.


Dave Pitman

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Thank you for the detailed feedback. We will look at those. 

1. The Infinity focus is a fixed setting and is not based on the image content at all. When you fully stop the aircraft and double tap the camera preview it will pull the auto focus from where you tap. 

2. Map Pilot selects autofocus and pulls it one time at the top of the climb to the cruising altitude. 


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Thanks Zane..
I didn't know about the ability to tap the camera preview to focus.
I know you recommend auto take off. But is there any issues with:
1. Arming
2. Uploading mission.
3. Manually climb, move over a high contrast subject and tap to focus.
4. Start mission.

Maybe MP will pull it's own focus again nullifying the effort?
Ideally, we could let MP climb, do it's thing and then on the way to the first waypoint, pause, maneuver over a suitable subject, pull focus and un-pause. But I don't think we can manually maneuver when paused? I have not tested that.

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