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All images were not processed.

Yes the area was treed and I now read that this is difficult to process after trying again to process the missed area. Overlap was 80%. Some treed areas were captured successfully so I am a bit perplexed.  Is there anything that can be done or do I need to fly the area again at 90% overlap and 100m altitude.


David Jackson

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The sample that worked out had a bunch of bare ground that isn't heavily treed so it was able to get away with using less overlap. The section that didn't work out on the other one was a heavily treed area. Look at the differences in the areas that you are trying to cover and you will learn what you can and can't get away with. 


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Thanks. The area that wasn't processed was the same in both submissions.  I tried a second time to capture the NW corner thinking I had done something wrong with the upload the first time.  I'll try flying with greater overlap next time if it can't be processed. 

Can a new flight to capture the NW corner with different altitude and overlap settings be stitched to the area that was successfully processed or do I need to fly the whole area again at the same settings?

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For one of them we received 155 images from you. The other had 1068. 

The area in the NE corner has a lot more trees and will need more overlap. That is likely why it didn't turn out in either. The rest of the areas had a lot of bare ground. The area that didn't get rendered was super consistent between the two different maps. 

It is  really hard to get mixed altitudes to match well if they are taken under different lighting conditions. I would recommend taking the whole area over again. If you want, you could use 80% overlap for the area you know will work and then use 85% overlap for that NE end. You would need to create two adjacent missions for that so they can have differing overlap settings though. 

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