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Calculating Volumes: under the hood.

Hi Zane,

Can you briefly outline what happens when a measuring polygon is added?

When I have a bunch of piles on a map, each successive polygon calculation becomes slower and slower and finally stops in some cases.  If I hard-reload the page, then performance improves but begins the process again.

Is MME filling up the cache on my machine as part of the process or is it all done on your servers?  I'm just trying to figure out what the bottleneck really is.



Dave Pitman

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100% of the calculations are done in the browser and the MME servers are not involved at all until it becomes time to record the results in the annotation. 

Doing a lot of measurements in a row may be taking up system resources but as long as the piles are all close together it won't be redownloading the depth data since it is already cached locally. 

To be honest, it probably isn't optimized for doing lots of measurements consecutively. We will have to look at that. Reloading is the correct course of action for now.


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