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Exposing the layer below in Location map

In Location Maps does MME have the feature of being able to use a vertical scroll bar to expose the layer/map below it for progressive monitoring of a project?

If so is there an example on their site?






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I am not sure what you mean but you can hide and show layers using the normal layer control in the upper right hand corner. 

There is a box you can check to make it so it only loads the first layer to start instead of loading them all.


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Hi Zane,

Attached is a screen capture of the feature I would like to know if MME has.

Some software might call this feature, time line. In the attached screen capture look at the vertical line in the center of the image . On the left side is a layer taken 10/07/2018. On the right side is a layer taken 10/20/2018. You can grab the vertical line and move it to the left or the right to see the difference of the two layers. Does MME have this feature?

Thank, Jim

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There are a bunch of ways to show multiple layers and this is certainly one of them. We only offer the whole view being shown at one time. 

It is fairly trivial to create a page like this on your own using our map layers using this tool:

We have been looking into differently ways to present multiple layers but this isn't one of them. 

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