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Phantom 4 Pro Vertical Accuracy

I'm doing stockpile volume estimates as follows:

1. Process Phantom 4 images using Maps Made Easy

2. Develop contours using QGIS

3. Export contours to *.dxf and import to AutoCAD Civil 3D

4. Create TIN's in Civil 3D, calculate volume and develop a topo map

However, the vertical accuracy compared with my GCP's is poor - around +/- 5 feet over an approximately 5 acre area - even after I adjust using the GCP feature of Maps Made Easy (I used 6 GCP's).

I'm thinking I need a Phantom 4 RTK.  Do you agree? Can I process Phantom 4 RTK images in Maps Made Easy?  Please advise.

Thank you

Brian Miller



Brian Miller

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We generally quote the vertical accuracy to be within 2-3 GSD units per pixel. This assumes a perfect model reconstruction though which requires lots of overlap to not have any curvature to the model. 

RTK images process well and will help but more overlap is more important than RTK. 


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