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Photo numbering

I use my DJI Phantom 4 Pro And DJI Phantom 4 Pro V 2.0 to take photos using Map Pilot to upload to Maps Made Easy for processing. I sometimes take more than a thousand photos. My problem is the camera numbers them in groups  of 1 thru 999. I have to have a friend up load them to a light room program to renumber them 1 thru 2500 for example. He struggles each time to do the renumbering, I would just ruin the photos. 

I’ve tried setting to “Coninuous”, still it groups the starting photo thru 999. I can upload the first group of 1 thru 999. The second group with duplicate numbering won’t upload. 

Is there some thing you could recommend,that I’m obviously overlooking?


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Do not mix images from the two different aircraft/cameras in the same project. That is bad. 

You really have to be careful with Lightroom since it is easy to delete all of your location tags. Make sure you have a backup before messing with it. 

Try reading these forum posts:


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