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Multiple battery flight error

Has anyone had a problem recently with the Maps Made Easy app on mulitple battery flights where, between battery changes, the entire flight's orientation gets totally altered?

Yesterday and today, I tried to fly a site that required 4 batteries. Initially the flight had been oriented to fly north-south, starting on the east side, moving westward. First flight goes beautifully. Land, close the Maps Made Easy app, change the battery, turn the drone on, verify everything is good with the DJI app, close that (admittedly it was running in the background, but have never had a problem with that in the past) open the Maps Made Easy app, open the save mission and now the flight orientation is northwest-southeast, starting at the southwest corner and move northeasterly. The photo locations collected during the first flight are displayed, it wants to resume flying where it left off, then fly over to the approximate location that the second flight planned to start at (of the northwest-southeast orientation) and acts like the first flight (of the northwest-southeast orientation) has already been flown.

I scrapped the further flights after seeing that.

Here is a screen shot of what I am seeing on my tablet. Hopefully you can see the dots (representing location of aerial photo taken) on the east side of the project in comparison to the orientation of of the flight path.

Any ideas would be welcome.

Thanks, Andrew

Andrew Clark

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