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Phantom 4 Flyaway

A few weeks ago, I had an employee flying with a Phantom 4 Pro V2. When the battery hit 30% he hit the return to home button, the drone stopped, turned towards him, then flew straight away. It looks like MapPilot stopped recording any information at this time, and DJI never recorded any information for that flight. However, the pilot said MapPilot was still showing the location of the drone on his screen, he said it flew 1.5-2 miles away then hovered/descended. My understanding is that the drone will automatically auto land at 10% battery, but we cannot find the drone in that location. Do you have any ideas to help us locate the drone?


Official comment


We are sorry to hear about your incident. Map Pilot is not actually flying your aircraft. The app loads waypoints into the aircraft and they are executed by the aircraft's firmware. Once the RTH is initiated there is nothing that Map Pilot could do to cause what you saw. 

Map Pilot does not fly your aircraft at any time. It is loading waypoints into the aircraft which the aircraft then uses it's internal control to fly. It sounds like their may be some sort of hardware failure or something like that that caused it to leave the programmed flight mode which it uses to fly the waypoints. Once it is out of that mode it is no longer under waypoint or Map Pilot control. If you attempted a Return to Home button push and it didn't respond there was almost certainly some sort of hardware issue going on. 

DJI Go needs to be fully closed. Running DJI Go in the background, that is not what FULLY CLOSED means. We always say not to fly with any other drone applications running. If you don't do the home button double click and swipe up to fully close DJI Go that means it was still running and is almost certainly the cause of the issue. Trying to keep DJI Go open for logging purposes will cause more problems than it will ever solve. 

The log file is weird though because usually we see a transition to ATTI mode when something makes the aircraft leave the programmed flight mode. In this case the data just stopped. It is odd that you were able to watch it go since usually when this happens it is due to some kind of hardware failure which causes the trad

You can view the Log Files using AirData to see if there was anything interesting in there but in the case of hardware failures the telemetry usually stops being transmitted from the aircraft. 

Again, we are sorry you had a problem and without the aircraft you may never be able to figure out what actually went wrong but based on the information you have provided I would say that there was a GPS or IMU failure. 

PS - We replied to your initial inquiry via email about an hour after it was received. Please check to make sure that our email address is whitelisted with your email server and check your spam filter. 


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Thank you for help, I'm sorry I did not receive your email, but this answers everything I was looking for. We will adjust the way we fly to what you have explained and see what happens. I did upload the missing drones flight to AirData, but it does now show anything past where the home button was hit. If I am able to recover the drone I will send you more information from it. Thank you again for all of your help!

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