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Black icon on dashboard

I recently uploaded images for processing and on the dashboard the icon is black and the ortho does not show on the Map Detail page. Yet when I download the .JPG file it shows correctly. 

Any suggestion what is going on here?

Peter Trotter

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The black square just means that the map tiles and icon didn't generate properly. Your flight was super low and you had a GSD of .3 cm/pixel which is super small. We only generate tiles down to about level 25 which is roughly .5 cm/pixel. Basically this map has more detail that we are currently supporting with the web tiles but the image actually turns out OK. 

The level we support was probably designed around older aircraft flying at 10 meters. It looks like we need to update it for the newer and higher resolution aircraft that have narrower fields of view and smaller GSDs.

Thanks for letting us know. This is not something a lot of people do. 


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Thanks Zane.

Yes I'm doing a job identifying weeds and it's all about resolution so I'm flying at 10 meters agl and will be trying lower. This was a test at doing that.

The deliverable will be an ortho with as good a resolution as practicable. 

Is there anything I should keep in mind in how I gather and submit the images which will help this deliverable as far as post flight processing is concerned? I'll fly in well lit conditions as possible. I'm using 85/85 overlap. Pix4d capture allows stopping to take each image.

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