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Topographical Surveys

I am trying to determine if MME will work for our regional landfill.  I would like to conduct an aerial survey with a P4P drone, upload the images to MME, and have MME conduct the processing necessary to generate a geo-referenced image that I can use within Trimble Business Center.  We would have GCP's, and would do the manual adjustment.  I have uploaded a very small survey that incorporated 3 GCP's using the free trial service offered by MME, just to try things out.  Everything seems to be working well, which is encouraging, but, the downloaded point cloud and DEM is in a completely wrong location when I import them into TBC.  The image viewed on the MME web page is as expected, with good lat/lon coordinates, and I seem to be able to adjust the GCP's just fine.  I'm not sure what is going wrong, or what I am doing incorrectly.  If I can just complete this process, and get the image to appear where it supposed to within TBC, we could likely incorporate MME into our operations.  Please help.

James Swanson

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We have not way of providing support for Trimble Business Center. Our outputs follow standards that are usually accepted by most GIS softwares. Try opening it in QGIS and seeing if you can translate it into something your software will accept. 

3 GCPs is not going to work well usually though. We recommend having 5-10 or more evenly spread throughout the survey area. 


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