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I have been a TerrraModel user for several years and have been able to transition into modelling from drone data but the files are getting so huge its becoming cumbersome.  Can you tell me what the popular packages for managing the data generated by your service?  Is Trimble Business Center viable?

 Most of my work is related to volume depletion in soil mines and waste accumulation and the compaction of same in landfills.

 One of my co-workers uses Maps Made Easy and suggested I contact you for some input.  He flies the drone we own and I need to import his data to do my modelling.  I need help managing the data.

 I appreciate any feedback.

Dan Harris

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Thanks for reaching out. Our processing will give you DEM files that can be used to achieve what you are trying to do. They will likely take some finish work to get them lined up to previously collected data but we have a few customers who do that so it is possible.

We provide some basic tools but the bulk of the data analysis and data handling will still fall on you. 

We generally recommend using QGIS but you can use any GIS software for dealing with our output files. 

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