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Map Pilot V 3.0.1 with DJI Geo System Flight Restriction, Phantom4ProV2 on 2018-11-30

Hello Zane,

I'm using DJI Go App 4.3.5 released 2018-11-29  and Map Pilot V3.0.1 released 2018-11-29 on an iPad Mini with iOS 12.1

FYI: DJI Go App completely blocked launching our Phantom 4 Pro V2 because of Geo System Restricted Flight Zone Encroachment. Map Pilot also blocked drone launch for identical reason. I went through the DJI Go Application Restriction Release Process and was issued a PIN Code Authorization via text. I input this code to the Go App which Unlocked the restricted flight Geo Zone. The DJI Go App then gave me a "SAFE TO FLY" message, Map Pilot App also permitted me to launch my drone. Two thumbs up for having this complicated process working! 

I was experiencing some issues with Camera Control with the Map Pilot App. Infinity Focus worked, Gimbal Angle Setting worked. But I did seem to have inconsistent interface to toggle from "Auto" to "Manual" or "Shutter Priority" Exposure Modes. I would have to shut the Map Pilot App completely down and then re-open the app. About one out of three of these cycles would seem to permit full camera exposure mode interface. I have not encountered this issue prior to this release. 

Thanks, Randy




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