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Image Capture Interval Timing Question



How to best determine the capture interval using information from Map Pilot for an unconnected external camera?


I have a question about the flight duration and image quantity calculations in the app and how they relate to camera trigger intervals.

I'm utilizing Map Pilot for flight planning of missions using a P3A with an UNCONNECTED external camera attached and connected to a RPI zero. The RPI sends the shutter signal at a set interval to the camera.

How can I use the flight duration and image quantity to best estimate the image capture interval?? I could use the camera params, altitude, flight speed, etc. to script out the time between image acquisitions, but I figure Map Pilot is already doing this in some way, shape, or form.

I notice that the flight duration when I plan a mission without the P3A connected is different than when the P3A is connected (and the home point is set to the P3A's location.) So, I presume the flight duration calculation when the P3A is not connected is based ONLY on the flight time of the mission from the beginning point (green) to the ending point (red)? If not, please explain.

Austin M


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In order to keep the flight planning consistent make sure you are selecting "Custom Camera" as the camera model in the Map Pilot settings. 

Map Pilot does not help you calculate the image footprint dimensions for external cameras. You can plug in the sensor dimensions, pixel pitch, resolution and lens focal length and Map Pilot will take them into account when planning the flight path.

You are on your own for executing that unless you are using our Ninja OBC which manages the triggering using distance.

You can figure out the distance by which the images should be trigged on your own using our point estimator. You need to supply the sensor parameters, focal length and flight altitude and it will calculate the spot width and height for you.

If you are looking to trigger for 75% along track overlap you can trigger at 25% of the spot height number.

If you don't know your position and can't distance trigger you can use the maximum speed of the flight to back out a triggering time using that same distance. 



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