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Map left out about 10 pictures

I mapped a plants surrounding properties and after the processing it left out about 10 pictures. This pics are the ones down on the road you will see part of it is missing. I found the pics in my pics and I believe they uploaded. I didn't include the JPG as it is so big.

How do I get these back into the map? I would like to turn in the project ASAP.

Thank You,

Michael Hunter,

Michael Hunter

Official comment


We are sorry you are not happy with your results. Your overlap was good in general but when mapping areas that have tall stuff like power lines like that you want to fly a bit higher. 

You uploaded 910 images to process and 867 of them were included in the output so 43 images were not able to be included in the outputs. 

It looks like the trouble area had 6-8 tall and pretty complicated power line towers it in. That combined with the low flight and long shadows made for too many mismatched features.

Also, at this time of year when shadows are moving pretty quickly. The motion of the shadows between passes turns into a big problem for our system that relies on static features. 

This job MAY have turned out if it was cloudy and if you were flying higher. 

We are sorry, but there is no way to add the images back in after the fact.


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If I was reprocess the pics do you think it would have the same results? The reason I ask is that there were many poles and towers and they all seemed to work except in that area.

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We don't really have any way of knowing exactly why but the only reason images don't get included is because there were too many discrepancies between them and the currently matched areas. 

Power lines are a weird thing and flying higher certainly helps on them. 

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