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External camera has not been registered.

 I have flown the M600pro RTK with Sony A7R2 over 50 flights, and today, when we are demoing our company's capabilities, the ninja board will not recognize the camera. Called MME, no help can be provided. 

I need help on this, badly. 

Matthew Lanzer

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Make sure you are following the instructions here:

If you are running things on a new iOS device that has not used the system before you will need to connect the aircraft like normal with the ability to get a GPS fix and then open Map Pilot while you have an internet connection. This will register the DJI onboard SDK device with iOS device. This also has to occur if you have deleted and reinstalled the app.

Drones Made Easy retail support staff does not provide support for Maps Made Easy or Map Pilot related issues. That all must be done via email or the forums.


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