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DJI Matrice Issues


We have been having some issues with the Map pilot Automatic contol and our matrice 100

We have been using the system for around 18 months relatively issue free.

A couple of weeks back on takeoff when just clear of the ground on a gusty day when we switched to Automatic control the craft got hit by a strong gust and was pushed into the ground damaging the camera. (probably more wind related than anything the app did).

After replacing the camera and waiting for better weather we tried again and all seemed normal within DJI Go for a test flight and all was normal within the App and the manual takeoff went well as in everything was looking and responding as per normal operation.

However as soon as we activated the flight plan (set it to Autocontrol) instead of lifting to height the drone appeared to head straight to the first waypoint without gaining height so consequently flew itself through some small scrub and in the process knocked the gps into one of the props cutting the cable.

We are currently waiting for a replacement GPS unit to arrive before further testing but are wondering if anyone may know what caused it to not go straight up as that's usually the first step under autocontrol (climb to mapping height then head off to the first waypoint). Is there some setting that we have inadvertently changed or some GPS error to be aware of?

The GPS position hold and home point setting seemed to work fine within DJI Go and the home point setting and craft location was showing correctly within the Mappilot App.

Chris Knapp

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We are sorry to hear about the incident. All flight executed by Map Pilot is done by the aircraft's onboard controls with the waypoints that are loaded. It sounds like maybe there was a weird sync issue after the initial problem. It likely told you that it was completing a partial mission. This is not a normal situation so we will look into how it is handled.

The aircraft should always climb directly straight up from the takeoff location before heading off to the start of the flight path. The Matrice 100 does do some things differently though...

Please let us know what version of the app you were using and send the log file to so we can try to see what happened.


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What do you mean "manual takeoff went well"? The aircraft should be taking off from the ground on its own, not manually...

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App version is 2.9.2 build 091720184 and we have been using this combo previously with no issues.

There doesn't appear to be a log file for the latest flight in the file manager - how do we get those files off an i-pad as I can see there is logs for the initial incident mission but nothing for the latest incident.

We were initially told by the retailer who set everything up not to Auto takeoff but to get it up to a safe height and let the App takeoff from there.


We use terrain follow so the flight goes up and down during the course of flying but all the photos are the same distance from the ground so the ground resolution is consistent throughout the area.

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