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Tag Pilot doesn't connect to Mavic Pro

Last night you asked that I send you more information about my problem connecting my Mavic Pro to Tag Pilot.

I'm having the problem on both my iPhone 6S and my iPad 4 Mini.  Both are running ios 12.01 (16A404)

Tag Pilot:

Version: 1.2 (build 04102018)

Account Access Token: XXXXXXXXXXX

Healthy Drone User Token: HD12345678


Drone: Mavic Pro

Firmware: 01.04.0500

I also have a CSV file from my last successful Tag Pilot flight, but I don't know how to get it to you.  After this flight I closed Tag Pilot and tried unsuccessfully to reconnect it.  Thus, I don't have a CSV file for a flight that never happened because Tag Pilot would not connect. 

In looking at the CSV file I noticed one difference.  Specially, on my iPhone 6S the version of Tag Pilot is 1.2 build 04102018, but on the CSV file the Tag Pilot shows as 1.1.0_04132018.

I can also try to send you the "Black Box" files from the Mavic if you can provide me a way to send attachments.







Keith Young

Official comment


NEVER POST YOUR ACCESS TOKEN. That allows people to access data in your account and use your points! We edited it but I would suggest requesting a new one from your user profile and updating it in your apps. 

1.2 hasn't been released yet so you must have some weird beta version. Use the latest publicly released version from the App Store for any support. 

The iPhone 6S and the Mini 4 are getting old at this point, especially with iOS 12 on it. The OS uses a lot more CPU than it used to and older devices have a hard time keeping up now. We suggest using devices with at least an A10 processor at this point. 

Email the CSV file to us at





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