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Leaving your Site

I have tried, through various questions, posting and emails, to find out why ALL of the point clouds (LAS) I receive from you show up as a straight line in ALL of my third party CAD programs. Since you can't answer the question, and a straight line does me absolutely no good, I will no longer use your service to process my aerial images. In addition, as a trainer in the 3D laser scanner world, I will no longer promote your software/service.

Good luck bringing on new customers! 

Russ Boynton

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We are sorry you are not happy with the service. We have received exactly one support email from you and it was back in July. Here is the response that was made in less that 2 hours. 

Please be more specific about the methods by which you tried to reach us because we generally answer all support requests within hours. 

Also, here are links to several other threads which discuss your question. They were found easily by searching for 'LAS files'

We wish you luck in your search for something that works for you.

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