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App won't generate flight plan

I downloaded the app and the first time I entered a new flight plan it drew just fine... Once I connected my drone ( and it sees it) I place 3-4 points and no flightier plan is generated. I have tried areas as small as 100' and as large as 1 mile. I have rebooted, checked for updates, all to no avail... so right now the app is non-functional...

Dana Hursey

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Can you take some screenshots and post what you are seeing? When you are disconnected from the aircraft you can double tap to drop the anticipated takeoff location. This will draw the flight path inside the survey area polygon. If you are connected the aircraft it has to have good enough GPS reception to get the red triangle to show up. This is then used as the takeoff location. You cannot get a flight plan to populate until the red triangle is showing so if you are inside you need to move the aircraft outside. 

Also, since it sounds like you are not actually connecting to the aircraft you might need to FULLY close all other drone related apps that might be open on your iOS device. Then power cycle all the drone stuff and fully close Map Pilot before reopening it.


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Also there used to be a plane and compass icon in the upper right of the app.. they are no longer there... and I am using a Mavic 2 Pro

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