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Maximum waypoints


I would like to get more information on the maximum waypoints. We covered large areas at low altitudes to get a high resolution of the surface. In that way our missions require up to 1000 pictures to cover the area. We use a DJI phantom 4 advance

How does it work with map pilot for DJI? I am surprise that most options available have some kind of limitation for this.



Antonio Agüera García

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DJI only allows 100 waypoints to be loaded at a time. The good news is this doesn't really matter most of the time since your battery will likely run out far before making it through all 100. Map Pilot manages the execution of the waypoints so you don't really have to worry about it.




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I was planning a big project and split it in segments of 35min max time. That means 2 batteries with Phantom 4. In the terrain plot I saw that the waypoints needed was 250. That means that the drone has to land and take off three times because of the 100 waypoints limitation.

I was wondering why the drone has to land in order to load the rest waypoints. Isn't possible to load the rest waypoints while in the air?

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Map Pilot does not allow the aircraft to take off unless the home point is marked within 20 meters and near the pilot to keep the aircraft from flying far far away... 

It is possible. We just don't do it because it is a bad idea and doesn't work well. We used to do it and there were problems.

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