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Uploading Error


I’ve been having a problem with the Uploading/Processing of my images. While my images are uploading it automatically jumps to the processing stage without uploading all my images for a map. I had 664 images to upload for a map and MME only uploaded 74 of the images and began the processing of the map, while still charging me the full 1587 points for the map (the amount of points for uploading 664 images)

I wasn't given the option to move ahead with processing or not, it simply jumped to the processing stage.

What's the problem? and can I get my points reimbursed?

Tanner Lafrance

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We are sorry you are having issues with the your processing. It sounds like you may have had some failed image uploads. Are you seeing these on your end? Processing does not start until either all images have been uploaded or the user has elected to move on without the failed uploads. 

If possible, try uploading from a more stable internet connection. Upload failures only occur when there is a poor or intermittent connection. Please do not continue if there have been a bunch of failed uploads. It is better to start over on a better connection when possible. 

We are willing to refund the points but don't see any jobs in accounts associated with your name. 

Your email request was responded to on Friday. If you didn't get the email please make sure our email addresses are whitelisted in your spam filter.

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