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Viewing of maps


I was wondering if someone could help me out as I am new to this? I have created a map, however when I download the full resolution JPEG (63 MB) I can't zoom in on it without it disappearing. It just slowly goes blank a section at a time.

What do other use to view the files and has anyone come across this before? 

Happens on a MacBook Pro with 16Gb RAM and plenty of SSD hard drive and a Mac Mini 2012 8GB RAM and about 100GBb Hard drive left.



John Wilson

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The file you are trying to open is 61495 x 5329 pixels. There are not a lot of viewers that are going to handle that gracefully.

I was able to open it in Preview on my MacBookPro from a bunch of years ago. Zooming worked nicely.

Other things to try would be Photoshop or a good GIS viewer. QGIS will probably work since it is designed to display large raster images like this.



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