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Mapping Full 3D vs. 2.5D

I am loving using maps made easy and I want to unlock its full potential. I made a large map but was a little disappointed that all of the trees look like cylinders starting at the ground level. I can not remember when you start a mission if you have to manually rotate the gimbal to the straight down position or if it does that automatically? If it does it automatically is there any way to change the program to have the camera set at say a 20-degree angle off of vertical and fly the same flight path forward and backward to increase the view under overhangs and improve the 3D rendering? I'm assuming what is typically done is to just fly around and take shots of things you want to improve but I am planning to map over 100 acres and would like to improve the entire map overall.

Additionally, does anyone know of a software that would take the data from these maps such as the KML file and remove things such as trees to make more of an actual terrain map?

Thanks for any help!!!

Marshall Stanford

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While angling the gimbal will help a bit we generally suggest that doing some manual flight to fill in the harder angles in whatever you are modeling is the best way to go.

You have to be connected to the aircraft for the Simulator and the gimbal angle setting to work.


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Update: I just found that you can change the gimbal angle however when I open the app and try to adjust that it is grayed as well as simulator and zone control is grayed. Why are these grayed for me?

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