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On the fly changing camera settings - pls highlight active -Av Tv EV Iso

Feature request really: I find it frustrating when trying to make an exposure adjustment during a flight run. There is no indication on the screen what you are changing (Aperture, shutter, EV, iso) as a result the exposures go wild for a few shots in the run before I get it sorted out.

Ideally, a press of the wheel (Phantom 4pro) highlights the camera setting that is active, then you dial up or down. As you press the wheel  it cycles through the AV,Tv EV, ISO.

Just like in theDJI GO4 app

WHY needed? quarries tend to be bright dirt next to dark of a forest or the shadows of the pit walls. 


Troy Fardell

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I requested the same thing from the Litchi developers and they said that highlighting the active adjustment element, like can be done in Go 4, is not possible based on the sdk version at that time.  It's been awhile and maybe that has been exposed by now as it would be very helpful in any/all sdk based apps.

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