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I can not map


I'm trying to map a hillside that is 1.650m long and from bottom to top there are more or less 550m of diference.

The dron goes alwais at 120m from the ground. Not at 550m.

The program don't allow me to do it, because this 500m of diference, but the dron is flying at 120m from ground.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there anything I can do to remove this limit?

I live in Andorra it is a mountainous country I will have this problem many times.

I send you pictures.

Thanks for all

Rafa Gaytan

Dron Andorra

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As noted here:

"Maximum Flight Height - DJI limits the height an aircraft can fly to 500 meters with respect to the takeoff point. A warning message and a red line will appear in the elevation plot to show the areas that are over the 500 meter limit. When a red line is present you will not be able to accept the terrain adjusted flight and take off."

You can only fly 500m higher than the takeoff point. You can also not fly more than 200m below the takeoff point. So... You can start somewhere in the middle and do it all at once or you will have to break it up. 

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