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Map quality issues with a pipe rack...

Please take a look at this map:

And please let me know what I might do in the future to help the quality around the pipe bridge/pipes/wires/conduit on the pipe bridge, some are straight and others are very squiggly if that is a word :)

I know I took too many pictures...the reason is that nobody's mapping tools support the DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 yet and I had to fly it by hand on a fairly windy day.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Brian Chesteen

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That is pretty darn good for free flying... We have seen WAY worse. Plenty of overlap is good. The only better thing is plenty of overlap while travelling at a consistent speed which is probably really hard to do manually. The differing speed will throw the model off a bit. 

Now the bad news... small, smooth, featureless objects like bridges, pipes, wires, etc are all nearly impossible to process well with photogrammetry. You can try to work closer to them to pick up any minute details to aid in the 3D reconstruction but it will always been an uphill fight. You will want to invest in a circular polarizing filter to block out some of the reflecting areas that are a bit blown out. That should help. Bright days are good in some ways but since almost everything you are trying to capture is reflective that brightness actually hurts you.

We deal with a lot of power companies and they have OK/better luck using really high quality optics and the Inspire 2. When I say high quality optics I mean $2k lenses... Zoom in on your original images on those areas and understand that it will only get worse from there.


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Thanks for the reply and advice.

Also thanks for the candid comments about the limits of this technology with the low end of the professional grade gear.  This is a part time gig for me and currently moving up to an Inspire 2 with high dollar optics is not justifiable for me.

Will give the CPF a try next time.

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