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Linear Mission(Single Pass) - Incorrect Photo Alignment

Looking for some tips on how to avoid misalignment of photos when performing a single pass linear mission.  Some of my flights have turned out ok.  About half of the flights appear to have an oblique or warped view.  The maps that did not work all have overlap reports that indicate the photos as being offset from the flown alignment.

I understand a single pass is not the best method to use.  However that is what I am constrained to for this project.  Any tips on how I can perform the flights to improve this problem would be great.


Scott Judah

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We never wanted to release the capability to do a single pass to begin with because it makes bad data. We highly recommend using at least 3 passes for any linear job and even then you will need a lot of overlap for it to turn out well. 

If the images are oblique there may be an issue with your gimbal if it is not remaining nadir during turns or changes in speed. 

The overlap reports being off are a function of there only being one pass. 

Your overlap reports look awful green... You need more along track overlap to get that to turn blue. 

We have lots of customers that are mapping roads. Usually there is no reason why you can't use more passes. 

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Thanks Zane.

We are only using one pass to avoid flying over moving vehicles and pedestrians.

It has worked ok on some occasions but not others and I am confused as to why. 

Would flying higher or lower help? 

I don't think I have a gimbal issue.  We have also been flying fairly straight and steady.  Is it possibly the trees causing the confusion?

 Another thing I might add is that on this project we do not need a 3D model.  We are only trying to stitch the photos together to document the cracking on the road.  Maybe I would be better off using a different program that only stitches rather than trying to create a 3D model.

Thanks for all your help.  I am fairly new to this arena and any advice is greatly appreciated.

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