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Strange Map Processing Speed

 Hi guys,

I have a large map processing with MME that seems to be taking its time.

The project contains about 3500 photos that I am processing through this service in order to have up-to-date terrain available in Map Pilot.

The photos were uploaded on May 3rd and the ETA in the MME Dashboard says May 4th at 10:32 PM.

I keep checking back on the dashboard but the ETA does not change and the progress bar does not seem to change.

Could someone take a quick peek and see if everything is alright.


Matt Hooker

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Our ETA estimates and due times are based on historical data. The problem is there isn't too much data on jobs that big. The more overlap you have the longer it takes to process. The E in ETA is estimated... Sometimes that estimate is a bad one.

Also, on big jobs the outputs files get really big and even though we are throwing over 240GB of RAM at it and 32-64 cores it still takes a while to generate these huge outputs files. 

It is still chugging along. Really big projects like this can take 3-5 days depending on various factors.

The progress bar gets updated as it goes through each stage in processing so it will seem a bit chunky.

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