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Make photos in regular grid

I have no drone flying expireince and I check the possibilities of application to my field so I will really appreciate the comments and the tips from the community.
I have a plants that have been planted in the regular grid of 2 x 2 meters on 1 ha of a land.
I would like to take a photo of each planting position. I have the map of the plantation that is not related to geographical positions but it shows the real local situation.
So my question is if it is possible to program the drone to fly in my fixed grid and take a photo of each planting point???

Best regards

Mateusz Liziniewicz

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Hi Mateusz,

Using a uav you could certainly take an image of each plant if that is what you want to do.  Using an App like Map Pilot is not the best tool for capturing any number of images of a specific subject(s).  And creating an orthomosaic image is not necessary in that case.  

What is the purpose of the images? 

How many individual plants do you have?

Dave Pitman 1 vote
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The purpose is to judge the phenology of each tree in the plantation. The judgment will be done localy on PC after collection of the data from the field. The number of images differ a lot depending on experiment ex it can be all from 1000 to 15000

Mateusz Liziniewicz 0 votes
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