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Best Altitude to use on slope.

Hi All.

I have a 10 hectare block of land I want to map and its a little remote and not going to have good enough internet to test until after I return home. Only really got one shot at it. 

The block is basically 450m long by 250m wide. The Top of the block is at about 60m above sea level and 20 at the bottom. So about a 40m range over the site. 

I dont need the highest resolution and have 18-20min flight time so want to keep it all in one flight to keep simple. I have the time to do a few flights but wont get to see any results till after I have left. 

If I fly at 80m and with 80% overlap it fits into the flight time fairly nicely. I assume I need to start at the highest part of the hill so will be 120m above the ground at that point. I assume that means that area will get more overlaps ?

Does that sound reasonable for altitude or should I be trying to get a bit lower. 




Mark Fullerton

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Use 75% overlap, take off from the top of the slope and use whatever height you need to get the GSD you want. The GSD will be bigger at the bottom and smaller than at the top with a flat flight.

Areas further down the hill will just have lots of overlap. 

If you start at the bottom of the hill you will need to use 90+% to make sure the top gets enough. Take off from the top to make things easier.

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