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Mapping offline?

 Hi there,

I hope somebody can help.
I have a Dji Mavic Pro which I plan to use without cell phone reception.

Does anyone know if it's possible to use this mapping software without an internet connection? 
E.G I want to accurately document topographic maps of certain areas of interest.

I would like to get an altitude map (Depth/Height) that I can map with my drone/laptop/batteries then process the pictures taken with the drone and have a reference map available on my laptop after processing the photos through a program, Does anybody have any idea of something that would help me??
Thanks in advance

Lukus Aluvyas

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Map Pilot is designed to work fully offline for saved missions and terrain awareness capabilities. 

Maps Made Easy only processes imagery in the cloud and requires an internet connection. You would need to use some other software like Pix4D to process it offline.

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