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Leaning buildings

Hi All.

Just trying to get the most out of a basic setup using a Git up Git 2 Gopro style camera. I do have the 90 deg lens with no distortion. One problem is I couldn't change the EXIF tags when I changed the lens. So it still lists 3mm when they are really 4.35. 

Buildings in the 3D view seem to have a lean to the rear. No ideas why. 

Getting the overlap reports much more consistent which helps a lot. Just not sure why there are some white lines in the middle. Are these missed areas? Was flying 80% overlap taking a picture about ever 2.8 sec at 5ms speed. 

All in all very happy with results Im getting. Just trying to get the best out of my setup. Any advice or ideas greatly appreciated. 




Mark Fullerton

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Since you are doing tag insertion there is a pretty good chance that things are off by a decent amount and this seems to have cause the model to rotate. You can see in the elevation layer that the whole mode is rotated a bit.

The white spots in the overlap report just reflect that there were not features matched there. This isn't surprising though since that isn't an area that was matched when creating the model. 

To be honest, this is pretty good for using such a camera. The focal length in the tags is not the issue. Inserted tags will never be as good as natively tagged ones.

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