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feature request

I was wondering if maps made easy will support a live map feature similar to what Drone Deploy is doing.  I find the live map is a useful tool for search and rescue and have used it successfully in the field.  I just personally don't like "DD" and would much rather use your service if it come available

Eric Deagle

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We tend not to chase features that other platforms offer and don't know what a Live Map is. Sadly, we don't tend to provide much optimization for Search and Rescue related features because it detracts from our primary goal of mapping. 

We are always up to work with customers on adding custom features on a paid basis though. 

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I can shed some insight on how this is useful if you would like. I fly for law enforcement and this being used for mapping is something you may want to consider. Just let me know via email if you would like details.

Cloud9photos at

I do appreciate the fact you like to not copy others. Regards


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