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Beginning a New Map vs Having Enough Points for the Number of Photos

Dear DronesMadeEasy,

I like your service and business model a lot and have been a fairly active user since discovering it late last year.  I've been attempting some large maps with >200 photos in several areas with success.  However, last night I attempted to start a map and upload 513 images for a map and did not have sufficient points to process them.  The lack of thumbnails or progress bar showing the status of the upload process made me blind to whether the process was working or not.  Checking this morning, there was no sign of the new map upload effort (it should have completed in a few hours) and the new map project was not listed in the Dashboard or in the Pending category.  Uncertain of how many points I needed, I purchased an additional 3000 and re-initiated a new map.  Again, I have no idea where I'm at, except that the point count is 3000 higher than before.  I've got 3889 at this point and have no idea when or if I will be notified that the process of uploading is complete.

I sure wish you could fix the >200 photo upload/process status issue.  I'd be grateful and maybe give you guys a 5-star review.

John Boone

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Sorry for the issues. We are glad to hear of your prior success. 

If you did not have enough points to process the images then it will not let you past that step in the workflow. At the time of upload it tells you how many 12 megapixel images you have enough points for. Maybe it is time for us to change that to 20 MP images since that is what most people are using now...

This is where it says how many images you have enough points for:

This is a screenshot of the window where the point total is calculated:

The formula is Number of Images times the megapixels in each image divided by 5. 

For your example it would be 513 x 20 / 5 = 2052

Your previous total was 889 so more points were needed. 


When you are uploading, whether you have over 200 images or not, you get a block with the image file names and a progress bar. It should be very evident that progress is being made. If it is not, it is safe to cancel out and start over. No points are charged until all images have been uploaded. 

If you are trying to process more than 200 images you need to reselect all the images a second time as the warning says. This will be fixed in the future and we will no longer be showing the thumbnails at all. 

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OK, I understand now.  It's essential to calculate the point requirement and do any additional purchasing up front.  It cannot be done in the midst of the selection/upload process.

Five stars for service.

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