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First attempt at maps advice needed

Hi All.

My first attempt at 3D mapping. Actually fairly impressed with how good it came out. the 2D version is fairly good. The 3D version needs some work.

Fairly sure my problem is the camera. I have a Gitup Git2 (Gopro copy) With a 170 deg fish eye lens. Sorry but all I have at the moment. I can get a none fish eye 90 deg lens so that might be my next move. Locked into the Gopro format for the gimbal so really want to try and stick with that. 

Let me know what you think.




Mark Fullerton

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It sounds like you already know your issues... Fisheye is bad. If you HAVE to use it please do so with lots of overlap. The GIT cameras are not great quality either. I would suggest getting some new gear if you are going to get into mapping more seriously. Maybe look into getting a flattening lens for it to get rid of the fisheye.

Also, give your overlap report a look. It has a lot of areas of light blue and green as well as some holes. Consistent overlap makes maps better. If you care about he quality of the elevation related data products you want the entire overlap report to be dark blue in the areas you care about.

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