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User Input Interface

I tried using Maps Made easy for the first time.  I have previously used Drone Deploy.  I start my flight and could not find out how to see what my drone was seeing.  After I got back home after some digging I found where there is a camera button at the bottom of the screen.  I have a couple of questions about the FPV view:

1.  How do I switch to the camera view when using terrain awareness?  The graph at the bottom of the screen blocks the camera button and I cant push it. 

2.  Is there any way to make the camera view full screen and the map smaller.  I would rather make sure my drone don't hit a mountain that see where it is on the map. 

Dale Niles

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The windows have been sized such that the pilot can see what is going on in the scene without taking up a ton of real estate on the screen. 


Screen size is all about priorities. Once you are in the air we agree that seeing where you are going is more important that seeing the Terrain Awareness plot. We suggest hiding it when flying. You can tap the Terrain Aware button while flying to see where you are currently. 

There is not currently a full screen option but we may be offering a full screen mode in the future. The issue is the preview that is provided via the DJI SDK is actually pretty small and scaling it up to full screen makes it look pretty bad. The large size that is currently provided is near the full resolution that is actually provided.

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1.  The question of how to get the Terrain profile out of the way of the camera view has come up recently and I don't think there is an 'official' way yet.  But they are aware that it is not ideal the way it is now.

I have found that after the mission is started, if I open the drop-down at the top and deselect "Terrain Awareness", the profile goes away and I have a camera view back.  However, I don't know if by doing that the terrain awareness feature is also turned off or just the display of the elevation profile.

2. I'm not understanding how you are going to see obstacles with the camera pointing at the ground? 

I agree that sometimes a larger camera view would be helpful, but I also like having the track visible at the same time which makes flight management easier for me when the uav is at the extent of vlos.

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