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Removing waypoints...unusual, illogical lack of point restraint...

Question 1: How do I remove waypoints?  I've tried every finger movement known to man.  I refuse to believe that I have to scratch an entire mission because I want 1 waypoint removed from a 10-waypoint mission.

Question 2: Where is the "back step" option (like [Ctrl + Z] on a PC)???

Question 3: Why is Map Pilot completely ignoring some waypoints (see photo).  I need the drone to stay within the permission area.  I don't understand the logic of dismissing inner waypoints.  No other waypoint program does this.

Question 4: Why no chat support?  I'm sure a good portion of your customers - me included - do this for a living.  Quick answers are imperative.  I don't have hours or days to wait for answers.  VERY, VERY disappointed.


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Q1: Tapping on a point makes it disappear.

"Boundary Markers can be single tapped to be removed or tapped and held again to be moved."

Q2: There is not one. Most apps don't have this.

Q3: Map Pilot does not allow the use of interior points to create a concave polygon. Since we see all of the data that gets processed we see that they do not tend to process very well. You can force taking areas like this by flying multiple missions or by snaking the flight around using our Linear Planning tool but we don't recommend it. 

Q4: We answer all support and forum questions within a few hours. 

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Not that we actually recommend doing it but concave survey area layouts are available in 3.1.0 which was released today. 

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